Protecting your money from currency volatility

Whether you’re buying/selling/renting a property overseas or sending salaries and savings back home, Godi can help you select the right currency solution and the right tactics to ensure you get the most  out of  your global money exchange.

As a result you’ll be in a position to secure favourable exchange rates, alongside the reassurance that you’re maximising the value of all your currency transactions.

Getting the best deal for overseas property

When transferring large sums of money for a purchase/sale of property abroad, or paying for an overseas mortgage, planning ahead and protecting yourself against currency volatility is crucial for realising the full potential of your cash fund.

That’s why at Godi we’ll do our bit to get you the best exchange rate possible, using our tried and tested solution to help you make savings – which in turn could be used to pay your agent or solicitor fees, or even to cover the cost of home improvements.

Making the move abroad in style

Emigrating: we know that taking control of your international money transfers early on could help deliver savings – available cash that could prove really useful when settling in your new home country.

Retiring abroad: where we can support you in selecting the ideal currency solution, and in securing favourable exchange rates when transferring your pension and savings abroad – or when making regular payments back home to family.

More than just a transaction

G C Mallen - East St Wines, United Kingdom

“Refreshingly, their approach is not just about the transaction but also on education…they help me understand what are the best options available to me, backed up by a quick, simple and efficient way to purchase foreign currency.”



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