Take control of your currency exposure

A surprising number of businesses are unaware of the risks posed by currency volatility when trading internationally. That’s why at Godi, we focus on ensuring you have the knowledge to implement the correct strategies for protecting your overseas trading relationships, cash flow, and profit margins.

The result will be a bespoke strategy that increases your sense of control, negotiating power, and ultimately your peace of mind – while also helping to reduce all the costs, rates, and fees associated with FX transactions.


Learning to deal with uncertainty

Our expertise and market knowledge is not just applied to getting you the best deals time and again. We also understand the importance of educating you in terms of the best practices surrounding the flow of currency across borders and between businesses.

At Godi, we’ll provide transparent advice on the many different aspects of currency movement, international trade, finance, and funding – putting you in a position to navigate with confidence the many uncertainties existing in today’s global markets.


Developing a game plan that works

Creating your currency plan is a relatively simple process: we start by defining processes and responsibilities to ensure the necessary authority and accountability is in place. Next we’ll select the optimal mix of FX products, and apply trading tactics that are proven to deliver the most effective protection against material risks.

This is what you can expect from Godi, plus a whole lot more besides. We’ll help build the plan, adapt it in line with actual performance, and minimise any exposures. What’s more we’ll strip out the complexity, and help you to manage the process in line with your stated parameters.

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Making FX a fixed cost

Vaughan Sivell - CEO, Western Edge Pictures

“Predictability is an important consideration for us, and knowing that each project we undertake is adequately funded. With Godi, we have the reassurance of knowing that our budgets are realistic, and not exposed to fluctuations in the currency markets.”



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