Commerical Director Something Different Wholesale Anthony David

Something Different Wholesale is a growing UK importer that buys large quantities of stock from Asia, usually in US dollars. This means they face significant foreign exchange exposure, especially with the weakness of the pound against the dollar. Commercial director Anthony David relies on Godi to help minimise risk and increase opportunities by taking a strategic approach to the foreign exchange market

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Managing Director GlassTech Recycling Karen John

As a UK exporter, GlassTech Recycling Ltd understands the time lag between taking orders from abroad and shipping the goods. This exposes it to significant foreign exchange risks.   Managing Director Karen John calls on Godi for FX expert advice so she can proceed with complete peace of mind.

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CEO Western Edge Pictures Vaughan Sivell

“Predictability is an important consideration for us, and knowing that each project we undertake is adequately funded. With Godi, we have the reassurance of knowing that our budgets are realistic, and not exposed to fluctuations in the currency markets.”

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Co-founder SME Finance Partners Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards is the co-founder of SME Finance Partners, who help companies not big enough to have their own Finance Director. Darren has the expertise to ensure that whatever risks they face, his clients are protected. And when it comes to foreign exchange, he knows he can rely on Godi to offer the products and strategies they need to reduce uncertainty and minimise costs.

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