Godi partners with leading SME business finance platform

Godi is conintuing to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) thrive through forming a partnership with Alternative Business Funding (ABF) – an organisation that provides commercial lending solutions for SMEs.


SMEs are considered vital to ensuring economic growth. With the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit being a prevalent concern for businesses in the UK, the growth of these enterprises and the job creation they can bring is therefore of utmost importance for the economy.  


It has been well reported that SMEs have struggled to secure access to finance from high street banks since the 2008 financial crisis. Yet according to the House of Commons’ Access to Funding Report, a key issue for SMEs is that they are not aware of the finance options available to them, and they often don’t understand which options are most appropriate for their needs.


Through its partnership with ABF, Godi aims to change this through offering a simple and effective Funder Finder tool that allows SMEs to search and secure funding through a safe, fair and free system.


Business owners and finance directors simply enter their funding requirements into the online search platform, which then matches them with relevant finance providers that can most effectively meet their needs. Business loans of all types are available via the platform, such as asset finance, export finance, trade finance, invoice finance and cash flow loans.


The Funder Finder provides many benefits to SMEs seeking a hassle-free finance solution. The simplicity of the tool means it is convenient for time-constrained business owners; it provides access to over 120 providers and products with business loans available from £500 to £50 million; and leaves a soft footprint with no effect on personal or business credit ratings when using the platform.



This new initiative further extends the support Godi provides to SMEs, demonstrating its commitment to educating and helping businesses to achieve growth. Godi’s partnership with ABF to offer the Funder Finder tool, which also provides guidance to SMEs in terms how much funding, or what type of funding is needed, is therefore well aligned.


Paul Langley, managing director of Godi, commented on the new partnership:


“We are really pleased to be partnering with ABF to offer this valuable marketplace specifically designed for SMEs to access business finance. Seeking finance is often a long-winded and complex process. Many SMEs aren’t even aware of what finance options are available to them, and are often unsure of what option is best for their needs.


“The Funder Finder resolves this by providing a simple and user-friendly solution for SMEs. It helps those that have been turned away by the banks to secure alternative funding so they can achieve their business goals. There’s also a specialist team that can offer support and guidance so business owners are better educated and confident with the funding options the platform presents to them.”


Adam Tavener, founder of Alternative Business Funding, said:


“We are confident that partnering with Godi Financial will strengthen our commitment to make it easier for SMEs to find the right finance for their business.

“A growing number of SMEs are now automatically turning to alternative funding platforms and through Godi, and our unique Funder Finder search engine, UK business owners will have access to more than 100 products and as wide of choice of funding as possible.

“The need for a change in behaviour remains and we are continuing to build greater awareness of the non-bank financing options available.

“This partnership will help to deliver a free, safe and easy way for those SMEs unable to grow because they didn’t have the right access to finance the opportunity to flourish.”


Where next?

Learn more about Funder Finder here, email info@godi.io or call 0203 326 9082.


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