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Did you know that a staggering 80% of SMEs haven’t hedged their currency risk since the Brexit referendum? If you’re one of them, you definitely need to read this…

Does your business hedge against currency volatility? If it does, you’re likely to be sitting reasonably comfortably, safe in the knowledge that you’ve taken steps to protect your business in these times of ever-increasing market uncertainty. If it doesn’t, you’re probably starting to feel distinctly uncomfortable – and with good reason…

Currency volatility has the potential to affect any business that trades internationally, and the adverse effects of exposure to unforeseen global foreign exchange (FX) fluctuations can be crippling.

For the largest multinationals, not taking currency risk into consideration can have huge impact – and for smaller businesses it can be catastrophic.

Here’s a quick test for you:

  • How many £millions did EasyJet lose in full-year profits due to a fall in the value of Sterling?
  • How big was the loss faced by Sport Direct’s shareholders due to its poor hedging strategy?
  • What was the standard percentage hike in Apple’s App Store prices following the Brexit vote?


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Is your business being threatened by currency risk?

It’s time to be proactive about protecting your bottom line – and your profit margins. If your business handles any international payments and is therefore exposed to currency volatility of any kind, hedging will help.

By partnering with a trusted foreign exchange (FX) provider like Godi, you can protect your business currency exchange with a robust hedging strategy that delivers 6 key benefits.

Download our infographic today to discover how you can use currency hedging to minimise or even completely eliminate FX.


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