Now’s the time to review and take control of your costs…

Does currency volatility affect your business? If you trade in global markets and regularly make or receive international payments, your answer is highly likely to be a resounding “yes”.


Perhaps a more pertinent question is this: Do you actually know the true costs of your international payments? If you’re unsure (and plenty of business leaders are), ask yourself this: When was the last time you reviewed your corporate foreign exchange (FX) arrangements? And do you really understand the degree to which currency movements can adversely affect your business?

Foreign exchange is a reliably unpredictable factor of international trade – but that doesn’t mean you have to let the market dictate your business success.

By working with a trusted FX payments specialist and devising a robust risk management policy, companies of all sizes can implement simple measures to protect themselves from currency movements. This will allow them to focus on driving their business forward without the fear of currency fluctuations damaging their bottom line.

Whether your overseas trading environment is currently being affected by uncertainty over the future impact of Brexit, the upcoming elections across mainland Europe or the unpredictability of President Trump, you can help to protect your business against the risk of currency volatility. It’s time to take a proactive stance – and to make it a priority…


Is your business overly exposed to currency volatility?

Read our report about the current drivers of market volatility and uncertainty, and learn how to take control of your costs – so you can create certainty in reliably unpredictable markets:


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